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Basket Order

What is a trading Terminal?
A trading terminal is a gateway to entering the market. One can directly use the terminal to process their trades easily. It is software provided to traders that helps you buy, sell or execute your stocks in the market. You will have to connect with your broker in order to utilise the terminal and its benefits efficiently.

Brokers you can connect to on Stolo:
1. Zerodha


Trade→ Basket Order Terminal

How to Use it?

Basket Order Terminal allows users to place real orders with their broker accounts. The orders placed on Basket Order are executed in the real market. However, it does not allow users to manage or exit their orders once they have been placed. Instead, it allows users to place basket orders, which consist of multiple orders with different strike prices and quantities. This can be useful for quickly executing a large number of trades at once. To manage or exit their orders, users will need to use their broker’s platform.

Important Key Words & Definitions

Broker- A financial professional or an intermediary who sells and buys stocks on behalf of the client, in this case, the trader. In return, a brokerage commission will be charged.


Disclaimer: The videos and content on this platform are purely for educational purposes to showcase the Stolo product and help people understand how the product works. We will not be responsible for your profit and loss. Please consult with your investment advisor before making any financial decisions.

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