Welcome to Stolo’s Order Management Window! This offers you a comprehensive view of their trading activity, empowering you with detailed insights to efficiently manage positions and optimize profitability.

Video Explanation (Order Management)

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Video Explanation (Trade History)

Basic Terms and Explanations:

  1. Total Profit and Loss: The net result of all trades, calculated by subtracting total losses from total profits.
  2. Open Orders: Orders that have been placed but not yet executed.
  3. Stop-loss and Target Prices: Pre-defined prices at which a trade will automatically be exited to limit losses or secure profits.
  4. Trailing Stop-loss/ Target: An adjustable stop-loss/ Target that trails the market price, locking in profits as the trade moves in the trader’s favor.
  5. Partial Exits: Exiting a portion of a multi-lot trade while leaving the remaining portion open.

Why Use It?

Stolo’s Order Management Window offers a streamlined approach to trading, providing traders with real-time data and tools to effectively manage risk, capitalize on opportunities, and maximize profitability.

How to Use It?

Simply navigate to the Order Management Window within the Stolo platform. Here, you’ll find a comprehensive overview of your trading activity, including total profit and loss, margin trades, and open orders. Utilize features such as setting stop-loss and target prices, adjusting trailing stop-loss, and executing partial exits to optimize your trading strategy.


Q: Can I adjust my trailing stop-loss?

Yes, you can manually adjust your trailing stop-loss incrementally to capture profits effectively as the trade progresses in your favor.

Q: Is it possible to execute partial exits for multi-lot trades?

Absolutely! Stolo allows for partial exits, enabling you to exit a portion of your position while keeping the rest open to capitalize on further market movement.


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