Trade Analytics is a powerful feature that is designed to help you gain deep insights into your trading activities. By analyzing your trades, you can identify patterns, understand your performance, and make informed decisions to enhance your trading strategy.

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Basic Terms

  1. Profit Trades: The trades that resulted in a profit.
  2. Loss Trades: The trades that resulted in a loss.
  3. Net Points Captured: The total points gained or lost across all trades.
  4. Average Profit per Trade: The average amount of profit earned per trade.
  5. DTO PnL (Day-To-Date Profit and Loss): The cumulative profit or loss up to a specific trade during the trading day.

Why to use it?

  • Understand your trading patterns and behaviors.
  • Identify mistakes and areas for improvement.
  • Recognize successful strategies to replicate.
  • Reduce losses and increase profits by making data-driven decisions.


Trade -> Month’s Orders

How to use it?

  • Use the dropdown to select your broker and date.
  • Analyze the overall performance for the day, including total trades, profit/loss trades, and net points captured.
  • Review detailed metrics such as average profit per trade, time spent in trades, and more.
  • View graphs that display your PnL throughout the trading day.
  • See specific trade details on the graph by clicking on individual trades to understand entry/exit points, duration, and outcomes.


  1. How can I see my trades from a specific broker?
    In the Trade Analytics section, use the dropdown menu to select the desired broker. This will filter the trades accordingly.
  2. Does the net PnL include brokerage fees and taxes?
    No, the net PnL displayed does not include brokerage fees and taxes. These are shown separately to provide a clearer view of your trading performance.
  3. Can I customize the columns shown in the trade details?
    Yes, you can customize the columns in the trade details section. Click on the settings icon and choose which columns you want to display or hide according to your preference.


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