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Trading Journal

Here’s how you can create a new journal using Trading Journal in Stolo.


Dashboard->ToolKit->Trading Journal

Adding a New Entry 

  1. Click on Add New Journal Button
  2. Enter the date you wish to capture your thoughts in a journal. Allows you to create past dates as well in case you are delayed in capturing your journal thoughts.
  3.  You would be led to a detailed page where you can enter a title. A default title would already be pre-filled to make it easy for you. You can edit the default title/ continue with the same.
  4. The content area lets you enter your thoughts as text including images. Use various formatting options present to highlight key points in your entry.
  5. The Trade Info area captures a few important stats such as
    1. Index type you traded on this date
    2. How did you end your trading day ( In Profit/In Loss)
    3. Nett Profit/ Nett Loss you made this day
    4. Number of trades you took on this day
    5. Any tags that you wish to add to this journal (can take comma-separated values)
    6. Save the Journal by clicking on Save Journal button

Example of a Journal 

Add Journal -

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