The Scalping Calculator by Stolo is a powerful tool designed for traders to strategize and plan profitable trades based on their available capital. It offers insights into quantity, break-even points, and potential profits.

Basic Terms:

1) Breakeven Point: It signifies the price level at which you cover costs and begin to make a profit. In the calculator, it’s the point where selling a stock above this price generates a profit.
2) Margin Required: This represents the minimum capital necessary to execute a trade. It’s calculated based on the quantity and other parameters set in the calculator.
3) Net PNL (Profit and Loss): This showcases the final earnings or losses after considering taxes, brokerage fees, and other expenses.

Video Explanation:

Why use it?

-> It helps in strategizing trades by understanding potential profits and risks before entering the market.
-> Enables the assessment of risk-reward ratios and helps in setting stop-loss points, thus managing potential losses.
-> Offers insights into potential daily, monthly, and yearly earnings, aiding in goal-setting and trade execution.


Tools-> Scalping Calculator

How to use it?

a. Input the quantity of lots, target points, and number of trades you plan to trade based on your available capital.

b. Adjust the buy price and understand the breakeven point to ensure profitable trades.

c. Analyze your net daily, monthly, and yearly returns.


1) How accurate are the profit projections in the calculator?

-> The calculator provides estimations based on set parameters; actual profits can vary due to market fluctuations and execution differences.

2) Can the calculator predict market volatility?

-> No, the calculator doesn’t predict market conditions. It provides insights based on preset parameters and assumes trade execution under ideal conditions.


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The videos and content on this platform are purely for educational purposes to showcase the Stolo product and help people understand how the product works. We will not be responsible for your profit and loss. Please consult with your investment advisor before making any financial decisions.