The Pay-In/Pay-Out feature is a manual ledger allowing you to record capital inflow and outflow from your broker account. This feature facilitates tracking and managing financial transactions related to trading activities.

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Why to use it?

-> Maintain a precise ledger of all deposits (pay-ins) and withdrawals (pay-outs) associated with your trading account.
-> Enables you to keep track of funds allocated for trading, aiding in better decision-making and overall portfolio management.


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How to use it?

-> Select the transaction type – whether it’s a deposit (Pay-In) or withdrawal (Pay-Out) from the broker account.
-> Input the transaction amount, specifying the deposited or withdrawn sum.
-> Provide the transaction date to accurately timestamp the financial movement.
-> Include any relevant notes or comments for future reference or clarification, if necessary.


a) Is the Pay-In/Pay-Out feature essential for all traders?
-> It’s highly beneficial for traders to maintain accurate financial records. However, its necessity may vary based on individual trading practices and the need for organized financial tracking.

b) Can I edit or delete a recorded transaction in the ledger?
-> Yes, users generally have the option to edit or delete entries, ensuring accurate and updated records. However, specific platform functionalities may vary.


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