Simulator / Terminal

How to use Simulator Terminal in Stolo 

Paper trading also called a simulator in Stolo helps you place virtual trades & learn the art of trading in the real market. You can get started with Paper Trading in the Stolo Platform for free using our free trial plan.


Dashboard->Apps-> Paper Trading -> Terminal

This should lead you to a BankNifty/Nifty Terminal (as per your choice) for you to get started with paper trading. The following image explains various sections of the simulator.

Paper Trading Terminal in Stolo

Steps to use Simulator

  1. Add a strike of your option from the watchlist window.
  2. Click on Buy/ Sell on the strike of your choice in the watchlist
  3. On clicking Buy/ Sell you would see an order placing window which lets you enter lots, order type, and further details relevant to the order type you choose.
  4. Upon clicking Buy/ Sell button your paper trade will be placed.
  5. You can see all your active paper trades in the current orders window below the trading view graph & manage them.
  6. Your can also manually exit the paper trade by clicking on the exit button against each active paper trade.
  7. Once exited you can see your paper trade performance in order history window.


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