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Who is FII?

FIIs are the name given to those investors who invest in India but do not belong to India are known as foreign institutional investors. They might be international mutual funds or insurance companies. It could assist in boosting the growth of our economy.

Because they are not Indian companies, foreign institutional investors must register with SEBI and abide by its requirements.

Who is DII?

Domestic institutional investors are Indian investors who seek to make money by investing in the Indian stock market. Insurance firms, liquid funds, mutual funds, and other investments are all eligible for capital from DIIs. These investment choices made by DIIs are influenced by political and economic forces.

Both domestic and foreign institutional investors (FIIs and DIIs) have the power to affect net investment flows in the economy.

Pro can be referred to as a  fund manager who is responsible for your portfolio’s trading activities and will also look into executing your investing strategies. They often charge a fee for the service they provide. 


A client can be referred to as a retail trader. A retailer is a small-scale non-professional investor who deals with small amounts of derivatives. They use their own personal account and their own funds to execute these derivatives or stocks.


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