The following content discusses the “Global Markets” analysis feature on a macroeconomic scale and will explain everything you need to know.

Basic Terms
a. GDP: It measures a country’s economic output over a specific period, indicating its economic health.
b. Interest rate: It represents the cost of borrowing and influences economic activity.
c. Inflation rate: It measures price increases over time, impacting purchasing power.
d. Unemployment rate: It reflects the percentage of job seekers without employment.
e. Global markets: It encompasses interconnected global financial markets.
f. Commodities: These are tradeable raw materials like oil and gold.
g. Forex: It is the global currency exchange market for trading currencies.

Why use it?
-> GDP helps assess and compare a nation’s economic performance and growth.
-> Interest rates affect borrowing costs, investment returns, and economic stability.
-> Inflation rate awareness helps individuals and policymakers make informed financial decisions.
-> The unemployment rate gauges labor market health and economic conditions.
-> Global markets offer diverse investment opportunities and global economic insights.
-> Commodities are essential for industries and provide investment diversity.
-> Forex allows currency trading for profit and hedging against currency risk.

Analysis-> Global Markets

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