Explore the ‘Advances and Declines’ analysis feature on Stolo to gain insights into the movement of Futures and Options (FnO) stocks. Easily track which stocks are advancing and declining, both overall and within specific sectors, to make informed trading decisions.

Basic Terms

  1. Advances: Refers to the number of FnO stocks that have experienced a price increase.
  2. Declines: Refers to the number of FnO stocks that have experienced a price decrease.
  3. Sector-wise analysis: Provides insights into how stocks within different sectors, such as Finance, FMCG, Pharma, etc., are performing in terms of advances and declines.

Why use it?

Gain a quick overview of market sentiment and identify potential trading opportunities by understanding which FnO stocks are advancing or declining. Sector-wise analysis helps in identifying trends within specific industries, allowing for more targeted trading strategies.


Analysis -> Market Overview -> Advances & Declines

How to use it?

Simply navigate to the ‘Advances and Declines’ section on the Stolo platform. View the overall advances and declines chart, as well as sector-wise breakdowns. Explore individual stocks within each sector to see if they have advanced or declined and by what percentage.


  1. How can I use this information to improve my trading strategy?
    Answer: By staying informed about which stocks are advancing or declining, you can adjust your trading strategy accordingly. For example, if a particular sector is experiencing widespread declines, you may consider short-selling opportunities or adjusting your trades accordingly.


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