Welcome to Stolo’s latest product update – the Multi-Layout Analysis feature. We’re thrilled to unveil this powerful tool to enhance your trading experience. Discover the convenience of consolidating diverse analyses onto a single, customizable screen.

Video Explanation:

Why use it?
a) Tailor layouts to suit your trading style, adding only the analyses that matter to you.
b) Save time by eliminating the need to switch between multiple screens. Everything you need is now in one place.
c) Create, edit, and switch between layouts effortlessly, ensuring adaptability to different trading scenarios.
d) Dive deep into your data with a click, maximizing your understanding and decision-making capabilities.

Analysis -> Multi-Layout Analysis

How to use it?

  • Creating a New Layout:
    • Name your layout and choose a style (e.g., split into halves or quarters).
    • Click ‘Add New Layout’ to finalize.
    • Select the specific analyses you want to include (e.g., option chains, PCR charts).
  • Using Existing Layouts:
    • If you’ve created layouts before, select them from the dropdown list in the top right corner for
      quick access.
  • Customizing Your Layout:
    • Edit layouts by clicking on the pen icon.
    • Choose different analyses for each graph.
    • Opt for full-screen mode for a more detailed view.
  • Enjoy the Benefits:
    • Trade directly from the option chain within your personalized layout.
    • Experience a seamless transition between different layouts tailored to your trading


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The videos and content on this platform are purely for educational purposes to showcase the Stolo product and help people understand how the product works. We will not be responsible for your profit and loss. Please consult with your investment advisor before making any financial decisions.