Trending OI is a robust feature in our futures and options platform designed to help users gauge market sentiment and identify trends by analyzing open interest (OI) data.

Video Explanation:

Basic Terms:

  • Open Interest (OI): Total number of outstanding contracts.
  • PCR (Put-Call Ratio): Ratio of put options to call options, offering insights into overall market sentiment.
  • Diff. OI Chg.: Difference in open interest changes between put and call options.

Why use it?

  • Understand market sentiment and trends.
  • Focus on actively traded options strikes.
  • Filter out noise from less relevant strikes.
  • Customize analysis based on trading preferences and strategies.


Analysis-> Instrument Overview-> Open Interest-> Trending OI

How to use it?

a. Customization:

  • Select the desired underlying index or stock.
  • Choose the time interval (3min, 5min, 15min, 30min, or 60min).

b. Interpreting the Table:

  • Time: Timestamp of the data.
  • LTP (Last Traded Price): Current price of the selected index or stock.
  • Day High/Low Break: Indicates whether the price broke the day’s high or low.
  • Change in PE OI: Change in open interest for put options.
  • Change in CE OI: Change in open interest for call options.
  • Direction of Chg.: Indicates the overall direction of open interest changes.
  • PCR: Put-Call Ratio provides a snapshot of market sentiment.
  • Sentiment: Indicates whether the sentiment is bullish or bearish based on open interest changes.


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