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PCR vs Index

What is PCR?

Put Call Ratio is also abbreviated as PCR in the stock market realm. A really well derivative indicator called the put/call ratio (PCR) was created specifically to assist traders in determining the general mood (or emotion) of the market.

How is Put-call Ratio Calculated Based on open interests of a specific day

The PCR is calculated by dividing the open interest in a put contract on a given day by the open interest in a call contract on the same day.

PCR (OI) = Put open interest/ Call open interest 

What is Index?

A statistical measure that reflects changes taking place in the market fluctuations is called stock market index, sometimes called a stock index. It’s created by grouping a few similar stocks among the securities listed on the exchange, and the selection criteria could be the size of a company, its market capitalization, or its type of industry.


Analysis→ PCR vs Index



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