Traders may track and compare OI at different strike prices using multistrike OI analysis.

Basic Terms

a) OI: OI stands for Open Interest, reflecting the total number of outstanding futures or options contracts that have not been closed or offset.

Video Explanation:

Why use it?

-> Open Interest is employed by traders and analysts to assess market health, liquidity, and trader interest. It aids in identifying trends and potential market movements.


Analysis-> Instrument Overview-> Open Interest-> Multistrike OI

How to use it?

-> Traders can analyze Open Interest in conjunction with other indicators to make informed decisions.

-> Rising OI may indicate increased market activity and interest while falling OI could suggest waning interest.


1) What does it mean when Open Interest remains steady while prices rise?

-> Steady Open Interest amid rising prices may indicate that existing positions are still active, but new positions are not being added at the same pace.

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