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MultiStrike OI

Using BANKNIFTY or NIFTY indexes, traders may track and compare OI at different strike prices using multistrike OI analysis.

How to Use Multistrike OI Analysis?

The following steps will help you use Multistrike OI Analysis effectively –

  1. On the Multistrike OI Analysis page on Stolo, select the index which you want to consider from the drop-down menu labelled “Index” on your left-hand side. Choose between NIFTY & BANKNIFTY
  2. Once you’ve picked your index, under the drop-down menu titled “Expiry Date”, select one out of the two successive expiry dates from the current date.
  3. From the drop-down titled “Strikes”, you can choose multiple strike prices and view the comparison chart below the drop-down menu, as per your selection.
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