Welcome to the PE CE Data analysis on Stolo! This powerful tool provides comprehensive insights into futures data for both indexes and stocks, allowing you to make informed trading decisions.

Video Explanation:

Basic terms

  1. Time interval: You can select the time frame for which they want to view the data, ranging from 3 minutes to 60 minutes.
  2. Futures price: The current price of the futures contract.
  3. Futures price change: The change in futures price compared to the previous period.
  4. CE total OI: Total open interest in call option contracts.
  5. PE total OI: Total open interest in put option contracts.
  6. Futures volume: Total volume of futures contracts traded.
  7. PE-CE OI change: The difference between put option open interest and call option open interest, indicating market sentiment.

Why use it?

The ‘PE CE Data’ analysis table provides valuable insights into market sentiment and trends by analyzing open interest, volume, and price changes. By understanding these metrics, traders can anticipate market movements and make more informed trading decisions.


Analysis -> Instrument Analysis -> Futures -> PE CE Data

How to use it?

Simply select the desired time interval and observe the data presented in the table. Pay attention to changes in futures price, open interest, volume, and PE-CE OI change to gauge market sentiment and direction. Utilize this information to adjust your trading strategy accordingly.


  1. What does a positive PE-CE OI change indicate?
    Answer: A positive PE-CE OI change suggests that there are more put option sellers than call option sellers, indicating a bullish market sentiment.
  2. Can I customize the columns displayed in the ‘PE CE Data’ table?
    Answer: Yes, you can customize the columns to display only the metrics that are most relevant to your trading strategy by clicking on the settings icon.


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