Great question! Stolo offers several advantages over traditional broker terminals, making it a superior choice for traders.

  1. Ease of Trading and Trade Analytics:
    • Quick Trade Execution: Stolo allows you to pre-set your trade quantity, strike price, pre-determined stop loss, and target. This setup enables you to enter a trade within a second, minimizing slippage and ensuring your risk management is fully handled.
    • Trailing Stop Loss and Target: You can edit your stop loss and target an unlimited number of times with just a button press, allowing you to trail your profits and manage your risks more effectively. This feature helps cut losses and capture significant profit moves.
  2. Enhanced Order Management:
    • Partial Exit and Order Slicing: Stolo supports partial exits, and for large quantity orders, it provides automatic order slicing. This means orders are placed simultaneously rather than sequentially, giving you a better average price for big orders.
    • Future Enhancements: We will soon introduce stop loss and target settings based on Mark-to-Market (MTM) values.
  3. In-Depth Trade Analytics:
    • Detailed Trade Analysis: Stolo provides comprehensive trade analytics to help you understand your trading performance. You can analyze why certain trades resulted in losses or profits, with entries and exits displayed on both the strike chart and the future chart.

Overall, Stolo streamlines the trading process, enhances risk management, and offers valuable insights through detailed analytics, making it an excellent choice for traders.