The Trading Journal feature is a tool designed to help traders record and analyze their thoughts, activities, and key statistics related to their trading journey. It enables users to create a detailed log of their trading experiences and insights.

Why to use it?

  1. It serves as a platform to reflect on your trades, enabling you to evaluate decisions and outcomes, leading to improved strategies.
  2. Capture essential statistics like profits, losses, number of trades, and market indices, allowing for a comprehensive assessment of trading performance.
  3. By recording thoughts, images, and key trade details, users can gain insights into successful strategies and areas for improvement, leading to informed decisions.


Tools-> Trading Journal

How to use it?

  1. Click on the “Add New Journal” button to initiate a new entry.
  2. Enter the desired date, allowing the capture of thoughts for past dates if needed.
  3. Enter the number of trades taken, the index type traded, and the end-of-day result (Profit/Loss).
  4. Fill in a title (default or self-edited) and enter thoughts in the content area, utilizing text and image inclusion with available formatting options.
  5. Save the entry by clicking on the “Save Journal” button, ensuring the data is recorded for future analysis.


a) Why is it important to record past trading dates?
-> Recording past dates allows delayed capture of thoughts, aiding in a comprehensive analysis of trade patterns and decisions over time.

b) Can I edit or revise an entry after saving it?
-> Yes, you can revisit and edit previously saved entries, facilitating updates or additions to the journal.

c) What type of details should be included in the content section?
-> You can include trade rationale, emotions, insights, and even screenshots to provide a holistic view of the trading experience, aiding in comprehensive analysis.


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The materials and content available on this platform are intended solely for educational purposes, aiming to demonstrate the functionalities of the Stolo product and facilitate a better understanding of its operation. It is important to note that we do not assume responsibility for any financial gains or losses incurred. Prior to making any financial decisions, we strongly recommend consulting with your investment advisor for personalized guidance.