The following content discusses the “Strategy Builder” feature in FnO trading and will explain everything you need to know.

Basic Terms
a. Strategy Builder:
A tool used for creating and analyzing trading strategies, focusing on risk management.
b. Max Profit:
The maximum potential profit from a strategy.
c. Max Loss:
The maximum potential loss from a strategy.
d. Break-even Price:
The price at which you neither gain nor lose in a trade.
e. Risk to Reward Ratio:
A measure of potential profit compared to potential loss.
f. Payoff Graph:
An interactive graph showing potential profit or loss at different price levels and dates.

Video Explanation

Why use it?
-> Strategy Builder is essential for risk management in trading.
-> It helps traders understand key metrics like max profit, max loss, break-even price, and risk-to-reward ratio and offers an interactive payoff graph.
-> Provides pre-built strategies and allows customization for various market conditions.

Analysis -> Strategy Builder

How to use it?
-> Access Strategy Builder through analysis or instrument overview.
-> Select an underlying asset (e.g., Nifty) and choose a trading strategy (e.g., buy call).
-> Customize your strategy by selecting strike prices, expiry dates, and quantities.
-> View and analyze the strategy’s potential outcomes using the payoff graph and key metrics.
-> Save, load, and edit strategies for future reference and analysis.

Q1: What’s the purpose of Strategy Builder?
-> It’s primarily used for risk management and understanding potential outcomes of trading strategies.
Q2: Can I create custom strategies?
-> Yes, you can customize your strategies by choosing strike prices, expiry dates, and quantities.
Q3: Are there pre-built strategies available?
-> Yes, the tool offers pre-built strategies based on market conditions, such as bullish, bearish, and neutral strategies.

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