The Nifty sectoral indices are a set of benchmark indices in India that track the performance of specific industry sectors within the broader Nifty 50 index. They are created and maintained by the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE)

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Basic Terms

a) A sector refers to a specific segment or industry within the economy, such as banking, information technology, or pharmaceuticals.

b) The are 15 major sectors, which constitute the types of NSE Sectoral Indices –

Sectoral IndexSector
NIFTY Healthcare Healthcare Companies
NIFTY Pharma Pharmaceutical Sector
NIFTY Oil and Gas Gas, Oil and Petroleum Sector
NIFTY Realty Real Estate Companies
NIFTY Metal Metal Sector
NIFTY Financial Services Financial Industries
NIFTY Financial Services 25/50 Financial Industries (stocks that form a part of NIFTY Financial Services will be a part of   this index at all times)
NIFTY Bank Liquid and Large Banks of India
NIFTY PSU Bank Public Sector Banks
NIFTY Private Bank Private Sector Banks
NIFTY Consumer Durables Consumer Durables Industry
NIFTY FMCG Fast Moving Consumer Goods
NIFTY IT Indian IT companies
NIFTY Auto Automobile
NIFTY Media Media & Entertainment

Why use it?

-> Sectoral Analysis: Nifty sectoral indices allow users to analyze the performance of specific sectors, helping investors make informed decisions based on industry trends.

-> Risk Management: Sectoral indices aid in risk management by enabling investors to spread risk across different industries.

-> Market Insights: Changes in sectoral index performance provide insights into broader economic shifts and trends.


Analysis-> NSE F&O Overview-> Index Constituents

How to use it?

-> Users can access the Nifty sectoral indices analysis feature, which provides NSE sector data, sector charts, live prices, price changes, and open, high, low, close values. This information helps users track and analyze sector-specific trends.


Q1) What is the purpose of Nifty sectoral indices?

-> Nifty sectoral indices serve as benchmarks to measure the performance of specific industry sectors within the Indian stock market.

Q2) How often are sectoral indices updated?

-> Sectoral indices are typically updated in real-time, providing up-to-date information on sector performance in the market.


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