-> Premium decay in options trading refers to the gradual reduction in the value of an option as it nears its expiration date.

Basic Terms:

a) Decay: The decline in the value of an option over time.

b) Intrinsic Value: Real value is based on the difference between the asset’s current price and the option’s strike price.

c) Extrinsic Value (Time Value): Value beyond intrinsic value, representing future potential price movements.

d) Theta (Greek): Measures the rate of premium decay as time passes.

Why Use It:

-> Understanding premium decay helps options traders assess the impact of time on their positions.

-> It’s crucial for managing options strategies, particularly those involving time-based strategies.

-> Helps traders make informed decisions about when to enter, exit, or adjust options positions.


Analysis-> Instrument Overview-> Options-> Change/Decay

How to Use It:

-> Select options parameters such as expiry, specific, or a range of strikes.

-> Interactive charts show premium change and premium movement for call (ce) and put (pe) options during intraday trading hours (9:15 AM to 3:30 PM).


1) What is Theta in options trading?

-> Theta is a Greek parameter that measures the rate of premium decay in an option as time passes. It quantifies how much an option’s premium will decrease with each day, assuming all other factors remain constant.

2) How does premium decay affect options trading strategies?

-> Premium decay impacts the profitability of options positions, especially for strategies like selling options. Traders use it to time their entries and exit to maximize gains and manage risk effectively.

3) What’s the significance of intrinsic and extrinsic values in premium decay?

-> Intrinsic value reflects real value based on the underlying asset’s price, while extrinsic value represents the time and volatility component. Both influence how an option’s premium changes over time, with intrinsic value becoming more dominant as expiration nears.

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