The NSE Futures and Options Overview page provides essential information for traders and investors, including market volatility, sector-specific performance, real-time index data, and insights into stock price movements and market breadth.

Basic Terms & Why use it?

a. Indiavix: Indiavix is a volatility index that reflects market sentiment and expected price fluctuations. It helps traders gauge market risk and make informed decisions.

b. BankNifty: BankNifty is an index tracking the performance of the banking sector stocks on the NSE. It serves as a barometer for the health of the banking industry.

c. FinNifty: FinNifty is an index representing the financial services sector stocks on the NSE. It offers insights into the performance of financial companies in the market.

d. Nifty Spot Charts: The Nifty spot chart displays the real-time performance of the Nifty 50 index, which comprises the top 50 companies on the NSE. It’s a widely followed benchmark for Indian equities.

e. Price & OI Gainers and Losers: This section highlights the stocks that have seen the most significant price movements and changes in open interest (OI) during the trading session. It helps traders identify potential opportunities.

f. Advances and Declines: These graphs visually represent the number of advancing and declining stocks in the market. They offer insights into market breadth and whether there’s a broad-based rally or decline.


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How to use it?

-> The Nifty and BankNifty future charts give the live line graph, prices, and percentage change in comparison to the day before, along with open, high, low, and close data.

-> Under the Market Movers section, you will find the top 6 price gainers and losers as well as OI gainers and losers in FNO

-> IndiaVix vs. Nifty/BankNifty line graph gives a live comparison and data values between the both of them.


1) How can Indiavix help me as a trader?
-> Indiavix provides insights into market volatility, helping traders assess risk levels and make informed decisions about trading strategies

2) Why should I pay attention to BankNifty and FinNifty?
-> BankNifty reflects the banking sector’s health, while FinNifty represents financial services; understanding their performance is vital for sector-specific investments.

3) How often should I check the Price & OI Gainers/Losers section?
-> It’s advisable to monitor this section regularly during trading sessions to stay updated on stocks with significant price movements and open interest changes, as opportunities can emerge quickly.


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