Replay any day’s market action with Market Replay! Playback at various speeds – from 1x for careful analysis to 10x for a quick recap.

Basic Terms:
India VIX: Volatility index measuring expected market swings.
PCR: Put-call ratio indicating market sentiment.

Video Explanation:

Why use it?
Rewind & Analyze: Review past market behavior to identify patterns and refine your trading strategies.
Practice Risk-Free: Test your strategies on historical data without risking real money.
Gain Insights: Analyze index movements with technical indicators and data overlays.
Stay Informed: Quickly catch up on key market events from any day.

Analysis-> Market Replay

How to use it?
1. Select Market Overview or Index Replay mode.
2. Choose the desired date & index.
3. Adjust playback speed (1x, 2x, 5x, 10x).
4. In Index Replay:
Use the interactive chart with Zoom & scroll.
Add/remove technical indicators (MACD, RSI, etc.).
View PCR, India VIX, and OI change charts.

Q: Can I trade during Market Replay?
A: No, Market Replay is for analysis only.
Q: Which historical dates are available?
A: All past trading days are accessible.

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