The ‘Market Movers’ analysis feature lets users filter and sort stocks within various market indices and sectors.

Basic Terms

  • Index: An index is a portfolio of stocks or assets that represents a specific market or sector’s performance and is used as a benchmark for analysis.
  • Sector: A sector refers to a group of related companies within the economy that operate in the same industry or business area, such as technology or healthcare.
  • Price: Price represents the current value of a stock or asset in the market, indicating its worth at a specific moment.
  • Volume: Volume refers to the total number of shares or contracts traded for a particular stock or asset within a given time frame, indicating its liquidity and trading activity.
  • OI (Open Interest): Open Interest represents the total number of outstanding futures or options contracts for a specific stock or asset and is used to gauge market participation and potential price movements.
  • Buildup: Buildup signifies an increase in positions, suggesting a growing sentiment or interest in a particular stock or asset.

Video Explanation

Why use it?

-> Provides a way to concentrate analysis on selected market segments, saving time and effort.

-> Helps identify stocks with specific price movements, significant OI changes, or unusual trading volumes.

-> Offers insights into gainers, losers, and buildup, aiding traders and investors in spotting potential opportunities and risks.


Analysis-> NSE F&O Overview-> Market Movers

How to use it?

-> Start by selecting a market index or sector index for filtering.

-> Once filtered, choose a sorting criterion (e.g., price, OI) to organize the stocks within the selected segment.

-> Review the results to gain insights into specific stocks that meet the chosen criteria.


1. How can I use the ‘Market Movers’ feature to find stocks with unusual trading volumes?

-> Filter stocks by a specific sector or market index, then sort by volume to identify those with notable trading activity.

2. What does sorting by “buildup” signify in the ‘Market Movers’ feature?

-> Sorting by “buildup” helps identify stocks with increasing positions, potentially indicating rising bullish or bearish sentiment.

3. Why is it beneficial to filter stocks by sector-specific indices like Nifty IT or Nifty Pharma?

-> Filtering by sector-specific indices allows you to focus on stocks within a particular industry, aiding sector-specific analysis and decision-making.

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