The Market Alerts feature is a tool designed to notify users based on their preferences via the app, WhatsApp, or Telegram. It enables users to set alerts for specific financial instruments, including spot, futures, or specific options strikes, based on particular price conditions.

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Why to use it?

-> Stay updated on market movements for chosen instruments, ensuring you don’t miss crucial price changes.
-> Tailor alerts for specific conditions (above or below a set price) for effective decision-making and timely actions.
-> Choose your preferred communication platform (app, WhatsApp, or Telegram) and the frequency of alerts to suit your trading style.


Tools-> Market Alerts

How to use it?

-> Enter a name for the alert to recognize and differentiate between multiple alerts.
-> Choose the financial instrument and choose between spot, futures, or specific options strike for which you desire alerts.
-> Define the condition triggering the alert (e.g., above or below a specific price).
-> Set the preferred price level that triggers the alert for the chosen instrument.
-> Choose your notification preference, whether for a one-time alert or continuous alerts (always when the condition is met).


a) Can I set multiple alerts for different instruments?
-> Yes, users can create multiple alerts for different financial instruments, allowing personalized tracking for various trading interests.

b) What happens if I’m not active on the chosen platform (app, WhatsApp, Telegram) when the alert triggers?
-> The alert remains active, and you’ll receive the notification once you’re active on the selected platform, ensuring you’re informed of the market condition.


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