Certainly! You can access the entire platform for free, but please note that data will be delayed by 30 minutes. If you wish to experience live data, you can explore our trial offer at just Rs.199 to test and enjoy the platform’s full capabilities.

Features you would get access to during the 7-day trial:

  1. Real-Time Market Analysis -> Predict market movements using 30+ analysis charts.
  2. Strategy Builder -> Diverse range of 20+ pre-built strategies and visualize pay-off graphs.
  3. Trading Power Tools -> Scalping Calculator, Trading Journal, and other invaluable resources.
  4. Live Trading Terminals -> Connect your broker & use dynamic terminals.
  5. Order Analyzer -> Gain a deeper understanding of trades you make & improve your trading.
  6. Advance Analysis Tools -> Includes Market Replay, Historical Data, and Multi-Window Analysis feature providing in-depth analysis.