No, Stolo does not currently offer paper trading. However, we provide valuable alternatives for testing your strategies. Utilize our comprehensive historical charts and leverage the market replay feature to refine your skills and assess your trading strategies without real capital risk. For a detailed guide on utilizing these features, you can watch the video below.

  • Stolo’s Market Replay feature is popular among beginners and those seeking to learn about market dynamics.
  • The feature allows users to replay market movements from a specific time frame, enabling them to catch up on missed market activities or to analyze market behavior.
  • Market Replay offers two main advantages: providing a quick summary of market movements for those who missed trading hours and serving as a learning tool for new traders to understand market movement and test strategies.
  • Users can access Market Replay under the Analysis section of Stolo’s platform, where they can choose between the overview or index replay options.
  • The index replay option allows users to select specific dates and indexes, such as Nifty 50 or Bank Nifty, to replay market movements, adjust playback speed, add indicators like MACD and RSI, and backtest trading strategies.