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About Stolo

Stolo is not a full-fledged algo-trading software, though the agile functionality of the platform might make it seem so. It’s a web-based platform which focuses on helpind options scalpers to maximize profits from scalping.

Stolo currently only offers a web-app, which can be opened on any browser. Our mobile app is going to release soon.

Feel free to reach out to at anytime and our team will be happy to assist you with any issues faced while suing Stolo or guide you through the correct usage.

Pricing & Subscription

We do not charge anything for placing orders through Stolo. You’re free to place as many orders as you want, based on the plan you opt for and it’s completely commission-free.

Currently, we do not have any EMI options. We might look to incorporate it in the future.

We offer a 7-day money-back guarantee for your first subscription of any of our monthly plans. No other refunds are offered of successive subscriptions or any other plans.


Exit Rules offers users to preset exit conditions for all orders, based on analysis & past data. Simply put, all you have to focus is on the right entry for your order while Stolo takes care of the exit.

Trade planner allows Stolo users to plan their trades to achieve their individual true profit goals. It helps visualise the individual trade outcomes and how cumulatively the trades add to your true P/L at the end of the day.

Trade calculator is a forecasting platform which helps scalpers plan how to achieve their daily true profit goals, by testing different outcomes of points gained or lost.
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